First Thoughts: OS X Yosemite

Greetings bloggers!

So yesterday I did something horribly foolish, but totally J-ish. On my one and only laptop, means of work and productivity, I installed the public beta of OS X: Yosemite. I am a sucker for apple products as fans of the J-Blog know all too well, and so I wanted to get my hands on this thing as quickly as I could. That said, it’s still very much a public beta, so there was a possibility that after I installed the program on my one and only laptop, that said laptop could spontaneously combust and leave a pile of ashes on my desk.

I clicked install anyway.

At first, things were a little bit slow. This was slightly disheartening, but not cause for alarm. After all it’s a beta, and the laptop I have isn’t Apple’s top of the line platform, so there was a chance the two just weren’t going to play well together. But once things got settled in, my lappy resumed its normal speeds. So I continued about my work and waited for something else to break down.

I’m still waiting.

Now granted I’m not a power user by any means. I’m sure there are features upon feature that I am ignoring because I simply don’t know they’re there. But this thing looks sweet, and to be honest that matters a good deal to me. If I’m going to spend 8+ hours behind a laptop typing, there ought to be something sweet to stare at. Yosemite doesn’t disappoint! I wish I had iOS 8 to go along with it so that I could play with some of the pairing features that are available, but I’ll have to be patient like everyone else on that front.

Are you an apple geek? Have you tried the new beta software?

More to come I’m sure.


One comment on “First Thoughts: OS X Yosemite

  1. I haven’t tried it, but I am glad you did. I appreciate your use of Apple as a Mac user myself. Once you go Apple, it is very hard to every use anything different. I hope the Beta keeps on rolling for you.

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